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Ugh, Summer in Dubai! The country’s hot summer makes the most die-hard desert lovers crave something cool and delicious. There are a lot of cool indoor options in the city to hang out, however, some summer afternoons with friends need more than the blast of cool air from the malls. Luckily, Al Ghurair Centre is your one-stop shop to escape the heat and tantalize your taste buds with some seriously refreshing treats. Whether you are a die-hard coffee fan, ice cream enthusiast, or someone who appreciates a good brain freeze, we got you covered.

We have curated some exciting summer finds that you must try at Al Ghurair Centre.


Starbucks: Nothing cools you better like a classic iced latte or Frappuccino. In case you are feeling a bit adventurous? Try their summer sips- Rose Starbucks Doubleshot™ Iced Shaken, Orange Mango Starbucks Refresha® Drink, or Tropical Coconut Starbucks Refresha® Drink. Enjoy the deliciously fruity vibes while you cool off at the mall. - you might discover your new favorite summer go-to.

Tim Hortons: Grab a refreshing iced double-double drink or explore their exciting range of iced teas and Tim Coolers in exciting fruit flavors, which makes a great pick-me-up treat while you are enjoying the mall.


Cold Stone Creamery: Ice cream is undeniably the most popular treat in summer. Who can resist a creamy Cold Stone creation? Their mix-ins are legendary, so have fun customizing your cool concoctions and feast your eyes with the little ice cream show their friendly staff puts up.

Baskin Robbins: Another ice cream giant that is synonymous with summer in Dubai, awaits you! With endless flavors to choose from- you can create the perfect milkshake, sundae, or scoop (or three) in a cone or cup. Who can be bored of Baskin Robbins, one can have one every day.

Gelato Divino: The refreshingly light Gelato should top the list for summer treats. Gelato’s light texture and fewer calories are an amazing summer snack for hot summer afternoons and is also a year-round favorite. This is the place you should be if you are watching the calories this season.

Tako Ichiban: Who knew Matcha ice cream could taste so good? This summer we rate the Matcha ice cream from Tako Ichiban as a must-try. It's refreshing with its deep Matcha intensity and creamy texture. The Japanese green tea-infused ice cream in its green color soothes your eyes and then the body.

SALVIS JUNIOR: Philippino dishes are gaining popularity worldwide and the top contender should be the sweet treat Halo Halo. This popular dessert is a flavorful mix of shaved ice, milk, various sweet beans, fruits, and other ingredients- served cold in a tall glass. This is the country’s most popular summer dessert and soon will be yours too once you try it!


BIKERNWALA: Summer screams mangoes and mango treats. Bikernwala has curated a special mango menu right in time for the Dubai summers. From Gujarati Aamras to mango lassis, get your refreshing mango fix from Bikernwala.

BUBBEE: Bubbee’s Bubble Teas are famous all over the UAE and there is no better time way to sip on a tall refreshing glass of Bubble Tea than now. The fruity and creamy cheese options are great thirst quenchers and a sneaky treat after a long day!

PRESOTEA: Let's talk about iced teas too this summer. Iced teas are refreshing, versatile, and a classy drink while you catch up with your girlfriends. You will taste the freshness in their freshly brewed connotations and leave you wanting for me. Let's make iced teas the “Summer Beverage of the Year.”

ALLO BEIRUT: Lebanese food is comfort on a plate and is delicious any time of year! But when summer rolls around, Beirut's street eats become the ultimate party for your taste buds. We can't get enough of their fresh, light salads that leave you feeling happy and bright. Don’t forget to try their light and refreshing creamy, dreamy Merry Cream – it's the perfect sweet reward after conquering all those tasty bites.

So there you have it! This summer of 2024, ditch the sweaty sunscreen reapplication and gather your squad to conquer the Dubai summer in style with Al Ghurair Centre. Al Ghurair Centre’s F&B vendors are located at Flayva- the food hall located on the ground floor, the Food Court at Level 2, and on Food at Rigga.


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