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Take your family to the coolest entertainment centre in the city for a wholesome, active and immersive experience. GLITCH is one of the largest active family entertainment centres in the region, boasting a cool 40,000 sqft universe with more than 30 attractions suitable for both children and adults.


One of the main attractions at the park is Pandora’s Peak, where kids can climb through cloud-shaped structures and slide down a thrilling 10-meter-high slide.

For those seeking adventure and physical challenges, you will find Newton’s Wall, a wall-climbing area that tests strength and agility, and Kazu, a Ninja Warrior-themed obstacle course.

You can also experience Sky Surf, an indoor roller glider that provides a unique bird’s eye view of the entire park. The GamePort Arcade is a haven for gamers, offering a mix of nostalgic video games and modern virtual reality experiences. And if you enjoy bowling, there’s BeastBowl, an eight-lane bowling center equipped with state-of-the-art scoring technology.

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